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The Changchun Guanghua Micro-ElectronicsEquipment Engineering Center Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is located inthe North-Lake Development Zone, Changchun City, Jilin province, and is theinvestment holding companies of Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanicsand Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company mainly focuses on theautomation and intelligent manufacturing equipment in the microelectronics,optoelectronics field, including development, production, sales and technicalservices.

          The company has been committed to thedevelopment of high-end production equipment since 15 years ago, and establisheda strong technological advantage in optics, precision machinery and computercontrol. Developed four areas of more than 10 kinds of advanced productionequipment and special precision machinery products, is used for chip resistors,semiconductor elements and RFID, laser fine machining, precision gearing andtesting areas, multiple products reach the international advanced level. Lasertrimming machine and aluminum-wire welding machine access to the provincialscience and technology progress award.

The company have strongtechnical team, more than 60 professional technical employee of optics,precision mechanics, automatic control, electronics technology, computerhardware and software’s specialty, including Special allowance of the StateCouncil 2, Professor-level senior engineers 4, senior engineer 16,doctor's degree 5,master's degree 15, Bachelor degree or above accounted for 80% of the totalnumber of employees. 

 The company hasobtained high-tech enterprise, ISO9001 quality system certification, and gottenJilin province Enterprise Technology Center, Changchun science and technologylittle giant Enterprise approval; The company has authorized countriespatents more than 20.

We will always take the customer as the focus, targetmarket demand, develop advanced equipment, by excellent intelligent equipmentand high quality and efficient services to meet user needs and service for tradedevelopment, make due contribution to promote China's industry 4.0 .