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Common problems of laser cutting can not cut through, how to break?

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  Laser cutting is a complicated process. In the cutting process, the incision is often not smooth or cut through. There are many reasons why the template cannot be cut through. The most common is that the power of the laser is reduced or the lamp tube is aging, which makes the energy of the laser beam insufficient, causing the template to be cut through. The cutting speed is too fast, the focusing lens is damaged and the focusing effect is poor, the optical path is not correct, and the voltage is unstable. These are all the reasons why the laser cutting cannot cut through. Of course, there are many factors that make the cut of the sample plate not smooth or cut through, such as the problem of the material itself, insufficient auxiliary gas pressure, turbid water in the cooling system, and poor heat dissipation. We must take seriously the problem of impenetrable laser cutting, and find a way to solve these problems, which is of great significance for improving production efficiency and ensuring the quality of laser cutting.

  Common problems of laser cutting can not cut through, how to break?

  Solving the problem of impenetrability:

  We have already made an analysis of the reasons for the impenetrability in the laser cutting process. Next, we will propose 5 corresponding solutions for these reasons.

  If you want to get the sheet metal unfolding video, please send me a private message (expanding tutorial) four words


  1 For the problem of low laser power drop current, we need to replace the laser tube in time, and use a smoother and larger voltage stabilizer to increase the laser current output and increase the output power.

  2 The cutting speed should be appropriately reduced, the contaminated reflector should be cleaned timely and reasonably, and the focusing lens should be replaced.

  3 If the light path is not correct, you can readjust the light path and adjust the focus until the laser makes a very round spot on the paper.

  4 When cutting copper and aluminum, it is best to polish the surface or apply light-absorbing materials in advance to deal with the problem of high reflectivity.

  5 Clean the foreign matter in the nozzle regularly, increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas, and replace the distilled water of the cooling system in time.