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AMD shows the first ARM processor Opteron A1100 code Seattle

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AtthelatestHotChipsemiconductorconference,AMDfinallyshowedtheworlditsfirstARMprocessor,calledthe"Seattle"OpteronA1100,withapanoramicviewofitsarchitectureandspecifications.  ARMhasthreelicensingmethods

  At the latest Hot Chip semiconductor conference, AMD finally showed the world its first ARM processor, called the "Seattle" Opteron A1100, with a panoramic view of its architecture and specifications.

  ARM has three licensing methods, ranging from the simplest POP to the most common processor to the most difficult architecture. AMD has chosen the latter two, and it is a two-step process. Opteron A1100 is the product of processor authorization, integrating the core of the cortex-a57 CPU with up to eight 64 bits.

  If we can launch smoothly in the fourth quarter of this year, AMD will have won the world's first A57 processor, and it is not only in the server market, is any market including mobile and desktop.

  In 2015, AMD will release its low-power version and be compatible with x86 processors, the ambitious Project SkyBridge.

  In 2016, AMD will come up with an architecture-empowered K12 based on the ARMv8 instruction set completely autonomous design

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