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The development direction of net belt furnace

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Developmentdirectionofnetbeltfurnace:  Thenetbeltfurnaceproductionlineadoptspollution-freeDXgastemperingtechnology,pollution-freeandheatdyeingandblacktechnologyreplacethetraditionalpollutionblackening

  Development direction of net belt furnace:

  The net belt furnace production line adopts pollution-free DX gas tempering technology, pollution-free and heat dyeing and black technology replace the traditional pollution blackening technology. Net belt furnace heat pollution is zero.

  Detailed introduction of mesh belt furnace:

  After more than half a century of development, from the first generation of mesh belt furnace heating under oxidizing atmosphere gradually developed to the second generation of protective atmosphere, and no less oxidation heating, heating and progress to the third generation of controlled atmosphere, the fourth generation of computer management, in the 21st century today, mesh belt furnace is how to develop the characteristics of the mesh belt furnace?

  Today, the development of heat treatment network with the development of the power and other products is derived from the demand of the market, and the results of development come from the progress of technology. China's reform and opening-up policy has promoted and accelerated the development process of heat treatment industry.

  In the 21st century, the technology of net belt furnace will have the characteristics of The Times, with four characteristics: intelligent heat treatment, high quality heat treatment, low cost heat treatment, clean heat treatment.

  1.1 intelligent heat treatment

  Research and development personnel to use the latest CAD program and the heat treatment database, computer simulation technology and control technology, adopt a highly flexible and intelligent integrated control and management system in the mesh belt furnace and its production line.

  In the future, the operator of the network will simply input the quantity of the workpiece and the drawing input computer, and the whole equipment will handle the high quality product.

  At present, the whole system is implemented in real-time multi-project operation control. Such as control loading thickness, network speed, temperature, carbon potential, etc. Full screen monitoring and control of batch feed movement. Complete process control can store 9999 technology. To record the process parameters (part number, material, temperature, carbon potential, etc.) that are detected in the operation of the equipment. It can be read and printed at any time. A record that can be stored for ten years. Password layer control, complete layering. The heating process of the new furnace can be effectively implemented.

  1.2 high quality heat treatment

  The dispersion rate is zero and the heat treatment distortion is zero. Quality control measures:

  Feeding control system: weight, quantity, uniform controllable. It is widely popularized in the system of dipper, sucker, tape, terrace and vibratory system. Automatic control of material and frequency conversion. Automatic arrangement of parts direction. Real-time monitoring of feeding thickness is realized. The accurate execution of heat treatment process is guaranteed from the source.

  Equipment temperature control: temperature stability of + / - 1 ℃, furnace temperature uniformity, plus or minus 10 ℃, the cooling temperature uniformity of + / - 5 ℃, temperature control switch type will be eliminated.

  Atmosphere control in the furnace: the atmosphere uniformity is 0.05% oxygen probe, except carbon air pump, carbon power control instrument, and furnace gas regulator, which can be widely used in the net belt furnace. Suitable for nitrogen methanol atmosphere. Methanol acetone (toluene) atmosphere, endothermic atmosphere, exothermic atmosphere, etc. Oxygen probe and infrared instrument joint multiple carbon potential control technology development and the emergence of other new carbon potential control technology, not only can improve the precision and stability of the carbon potential control, also will be better able to adapt to all kinds of gas source preparation atmosphere. The control of carbon potential control technology in double oxygen probe area is further optimized for the quality control of carburizing and carbonitriding. The stability of the furnace atmosphere ensures the accuracy of the carbon potential control. The new development of methanol gasification and cracking technology and the general adoption of the stirring fan in the furnace have further improved the uniformity of atmosphere in the furnace. The sealing and welding method of the shell not only saves energy but also benefits the long-term stability of the atmosphere in the furnace.

  Quenching tank control: in ensuring workpiece hardness uniformity and reduce the deformation of parts from the previous simple development to reduce the cooling speed force to improve the cooling uniformity, quenching tank add adjustable speed powerful agitator, attaches great importance to the flow field of quenching tank, emphasize the quenching tank temperature uniformity. Quench tank temperature is controllable. Computer cooling media performance detector is also accepted by many users.

  Distortion control of heat treatment; Adopt the hardening furnace heat area to lengthen the stress. It is used for the quenching oil tank with a closed belt. Uniformity of the temperature of the quenching medium 5 ℃. The design of the quenching trough and the anti-collision design of lift feeding system. In order to reduce the residual austention of bearing parts, and to control the trace deformation after the bearing processing, the cold treatment device will be popularized after quenching in the line of the net belt furnace.

  1.3 low cost heat treatment

  In the 21st century, with our country joining WT0, our company will be in the environment of international market competition, and the market will need more urgent and inexpensive heat treatment equipment. And cheap and good heat treatment equipment will be low cost heat treatment equipment rather than low cost heat treatment equipment. The cost of heat treatment equipment consists of five parts: equipment acquisition fee, equipment operation fee, equipment maintenance fee, equipment 4T labor cost, heat treatment failure treatment fee.

  Generally, equipment procurement costs only 5 to 10 percent of the total cost of the equipment. To this end, the equipment manufacturer will not strive to provide low-price heat treatment equipment, but strive to provide low-cost heat treatment equipment.

  It is widely popular to design and manufacture net belt furnace according to RMs (reliability reliability, maintainability and supportability) engineering theory.

  Furnace type selection: design first from the selection of the correct choice of the horse or no muffle furnace type.

  Heat resistant steel material: for high quality Fe - Cr - Ni, Fe - Ni - Cr, Ni base alloy material, according to the furnace work temperature range, heat treatment process and other reasonable materials. Thus, the real life extension and the performance ratio are more rationalized. The life of the horse can reach 2-5 years, 2-4 years of net belt, 5 1 o year of roller, 2-4 years of radiation tube, 5-10 years fan.

  Instrument electric material: generally use high reliability PLC programmable controller, the SRC heating module, the adaptive digital display temperature control table, carbon control instrument, equipment in the whole life cycle of trouble-free operation can be realized.

  Sensor selection: the atmosphere control oxygen probe has a life span of 1 year, carbon power control accuracy of + 0.05%, thermocouple life is more than 5 years, and control accuracy is + 0.05%

  Refractory material selection: the use of 0.48 super lightweight anti-carburizing brick, ultra-light insulation board, refractory cotton, life of 5 years.

  Common defect prevention device: prevent the parts from knocking on the cushion; Prevent parts from popping out of the baffle; Prevent parts from popping out of the card

  Torque limiter of actuator; Prevention parts adhesion spray rinsing device: prevent parts sticking to groove tiga; Prevent pit wash of spare parts

  The liquid is difficult to drain the mountain type, roller drying equipment. Increase the lengthening back furnace to ensure the consistency of hardness.

  (2) maintainability: automatic display of fault points; Automatic stop of the front line of failure point after failure: automatic alarm 3 equipped with special maintenance tools.

  (3) protection: wholeheartedly for customer service, anywhere in the interests of the user is not empty talk, more and more manufacturers public commitment from the buyer for the telephone, quickly to assist the buyer of the user to solve the problem: the phone can't solve the problem immediately sent someone to go. The seller sets up the buyer's spare parts library. The seller shall establish a reporting system for the spare parts required by the buyer. With the development of emerging network technology, the cooperation between suppliers and users will be more tacit, and the new technology and new technology will drive the cost down further.

  (4) saving energy: heat treatment "15" planning requirements, the average power consumption of heat treatment plants in major industrial cities of China will be reduced to below 500KWh/t. The energy utilization rate of the net belt furnace will be increased to 360-420 KWh/t (including quenching and tempering).

  The energy saving technology of heat exchanger technology, waste heat utilization technology, furnace shell airtight welding technology and reducing furnace surface area (such as cylinder type) are widely used. Adopt the tempering furnace rapid cooling technology. Use high pressure fan to blow oil and oil saving technology. Use the atmosphere with a direct atmosphere to use air plus propane to save 80% of the atmosphere cost. With the implementation of the west gas east project in China, the direct use of a net-belt furnace for energy and gas will be expanded and will bring a significant overall energy saving effect. Process equipment and energy saving technology popularization and application, shortened heat treatment cycle, such as carbon steel heat preservation heat treatment: zero thin-layer carburizing, carbonitriding) direct quenching omit tempering: double oxygen probe area of carbon potential control shorten carburizing and carbonitriding time will expand the application.

  The production line of the net belt furnace adopts unpolluted DX gas and the black technology and the non-pollution waste heat dyeing and black technology replace the traditional black and black technology. Net belt furnace heat pollution is zero.