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Microelectronic equipment suffers from lightning

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Microelectronic equipment suffers from lightning

The overvoltage of microelectronic equipment due to lightning discharge or switching operation of electrical equipment has caused frequent failures and damages to the equipment, which has caused huge economic losses. Direct loss usually reflects the hardware loss of the device user and can be repaired or replaced. However, software losses and losses caused by equipment downtime are irreparable. Effective protection measures for microelectronic devices to achieve reliable protection of electronic systems (equipment) with higher integration and lower overvoltage capability, and minimize interference with lightning or shock overvoltage And damage has become an urgent problem to be solved in the reliability of microelectronic equipment.

Microelectronic devices usually operate in low-voltage power grids. There are four types of overvoltages in low-voltage power grids: overvoltage caused by lightning, electrostatic discharge, operating overvoltage, and power frequency overvoltage. Overvoltage is usually interfered with by the common mode (overvoltage is generated between the live conductor or the neutral line and the earth) and the differential mode (the overvoltage is generated between the live conductors). The lightning overvoltage is most destructive. .