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The global impact and competitiveness of Taiwan's semiconductor industry

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  SEMICONTaiwan entering the 19th this year, more than 20 countries, with a total of more than 600 companies, more than 1400 booths, scale up 10% year on year, the biggest calendar year; This shows that in the global semiconductor industry of Taiwan remains quite influence, whether advanced technology countries such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, such as mainland China or budding rising star, all hope to communicate with Taiwan factory further.

  I hope to provide the three fields of semiconductor wafer, seal test and equipment in Taiwan, and some Suggestions for future development.

  In the aspect of wafer generation, Taiwan maintains a leading edge in technology, and investment in advanced manufacturing process can not be interrupted. TSMC has developed into the advanced manufacturing process under 16 and 10 nanometers. If you want to beat samsung and Intel, you will have closer cooperation and development with upstream equipment manufacturers such as materials and ASML.

  With the establishment of the Internet of things and the trend of the cloud, it is imperative to develop the technology of 3DIC. This year, SEMICON will hold advanced packaging technology BBS, 3DIC technology trend BBS, and echo chairman zhang zhongmou of taihe company. The Internet of things will be the next big thing in the semiconductor industry.

  As for equipment and materials, Taiwan semiconductor materials research and development has done little in the past, advising the industry to do the basic research and development of semiconductor materials. In addition, Taiwan has a lot of high quality precision processing, precision machinery industrial park in Taiwan, for instance, even if can't do the machine at the beginning, can first start from the component, system, and seek to cut into the niche market.

  This year, SEMICON will host the first international BBS, a high-tech factory facility, which was established last year. It used to be that foreign people taught us how to build a factory, now Taiwan's semiconductor factory can also be a professional, exporting abroad.

  Taiwan semiconductor plant was built, was built more quickly, not only to solve disasters such as earthquakes, quite need technical strength, in the future if you can teach well, believe that will help the rise of Taiwanese equipment business

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