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The Eleventh Optoelectronics China Expo is about to open

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Since the Optoelectronics China Expo was held in Beijing in 2009, aiming at building a global "innovative" exhibition, gathering the leading resources of the global optoelectronics industry and the needs of leading units in the fields of aerospace, aviation, rail transit, automotive industry, electric power, petroleum, etc. as a starting point, we have actively set up production and research exchanges. Platform for cooperation; from the perspective of internationalization and the basic principle of deep integration of industry, education and research, it provides a comprehensive product content for the optoelectronic industry, and customizes a series of personalized services for the needs of international and Chinese enterprises, becoming the first innovative optoelectronic exhibition in China. The 11th Optoelectronics China Expo in 2019 will be held on August 5-7, 2019 at the No. 5-6 Pavilion on the ground floor of Beijing National Convention Center. The exhibition will present you with innovative ways in the exhibition area, exhibitors, contact methods and so on, such as laser intelligent manufacturing theme exhibition, innovative technology of key laboratories of global Institutes of higher learning. Technology, Infrared Low Light Level Technology and Application Theme Exhibition, Intelligent Information Theme Exhibition, Optical Manufacturing Theme Exhibition, Precision Optics and Photoelectric Detection Theme Exhibition are the industry exhibitions that can not be missed.