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Elimination of obsolete equipment to accelerate heat treatment and emission reduction

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  Heat treatment industry is a large energy consumption, energy consumption and emissions from factories and the erosion of our beautiful home - the earth, caused serious environmental pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and so on, damaged the health of the residents living near heat treatment plant, also for future generations living environment caused great threat.

  In the current situation, energy saving, reducing consumption and reducing emissions are a pressing problem for heat treatment and all the energy users. Metal processing online journalists on heat treatment industry in China now, energy conservation and emissions reduction status quo, existing problems and how to solve these problems, and so on an interview with the heat treatment industry association, the association secretary-general xin-lin wen professor of baoding city.

  China metal processing online reporter (hereinafter referred to as the reporter) : heat treatment industry in our country have already began to consciously to energy conservation and emissions reduction, please briefly talk about the heat treatment industry in our country present situation of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

  Wenxin Lin: in 2006 and 2007, the United States issued a strategic roadmap for the heat treatment industry in the United States, and one of them was to realize zero pollution in the heat treatment industry after several years. Thus, the American heat treatment industry association and the government attach great importance to heat treatment and emission reduction. Then we heat treatment industry in China in recent three years in the national society, the national association of heat treatment industry, and heat treatment of provinces and cities, institute, association and professional committee started attaches great importance to the pollution problem, heat treatment, have carried on the discussion.

  Since 1978, the heat treatment industry in China has hardly progressed or even retreated. Nearly five years, the national development and reform commission, attaches great importance to the heat treatment industry, mechanical engineering association began with advanced heat treatment equipment, such as vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, etc., and all sorts of advanced quenching medium, and start in the large enterprise tentative running laboratory and factory. But because of the heat treatment workers there are quite a number of conservative, old, afraid to bold with these so-called water-based quenching medium, every time mentioned that the first reaction is to alloy steel quenching oil, carbon steel water quenching, slowly to accept new things.

  Now every city has a small machinery factory, and every small plant in the past has a heat treatment workshop. Since the reform and opening up, most of these heat treatment workshops have been disbanded. The heat treatment workshop of state-owned enterprises has been closed off one after another. There are some ideal scientific workers to start their own heat treatment projects. Still, because of their limited personal strength, some of their equipment buys new ones and buys old ones. Such equipment will inevitably result in the quality of parts, which are not particularly fine, environmentally friendly and clean, and waste a lot of electricity, coal and oil.

  Now, there are few heat treatment workshops reserved for state-owned enterprises in each city, and most of them are self-employed and township enterprises, which are small and small, which are bad for the quality of heat treatment. Individual joint ventures, especially government support and support, have invested heavily in heat treatment in recent years. Now we can say that there are three pieces of heat treatment, one is that the state-owned enterprises have retained some of the heat treatment workshops, the equipment is old and the ideas are old. Despite the advanced ideas, the self-employed can not afford advanced equipment due to limited funds. The joint venture and government supported bright spots may invest some funds in heat treatment, and the quality of heat treatment will be greatly improved.

  Reporter: what do you think is the main problem of energy conservation and emission reduction in heat treatment industry in China? How do you solve these problems?

  Xin-lin wen: at present, the main problems of heat treatment industry is still small-scale heat treatment factory obsolete equipment, enterprise management idea obsolete, enterprises don't have enough money to update the newly developed advanced equipment.

  To solve these problems, the most fundamental is to put those behind the energy consumption, serious pollution of large heat treatment equipment notified fail, forced heat treatment plant to replace the new equipment, environmental equipment, energy-saving equipment, cleaning equipment; Concept renewal, using new quenching medium, water, air, oil and water soluble medium start to be used alternately, what should be used, so that our energy conservation and emission reduction can go up.

  Premier wen jiabao recently said that energy saving and emission reduction in the country is not up to standard, and the government has promised to meet the target in recent years, which may also include heat treatment. It is imperative to force the backward ovens out and replace them with new equipment. Otherwise, those furnaces are burning 24 hours a day, and the more they burn, the more pollution they will cause.

  Reporter: in view of the current situation and existing problems in the heat treatment industry in China, how do you think the energy conservation and emission reduction enterprises should be implemented?

  Xin-lin wen: just now also talk about the main problems of the heat treatment industry, aiming at the existing problem of the industry is now the most need to do is to put those backward obsolete equipment, the introduction of new energy-saving environmental protection equipment, organize employee to learn advanced technology, develop high technology talent, strengthen enterprise management, thus a virtuous cycle.

  Reporter: the problems existing in the heat treatment industry in our country at present is still very serious, in order to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, reducing environmental pollution aspects still need to do a lot of work and effort, industry associations and learn to what effective measures will be taken to help heat treatment enterprises energy conservation and emissions reduction?

  Wen xinlin: industry associations and societies are not supported by the government, they have no salary and no economic source, and some of the activities they hold are also used by the people. As early as 1970, the mechanical engineering society of various cities also returned some activity funds to the heat treatment branch, but since the reform and opening up, these funds have not been. Now, there is no administrative management in every city, and it is the national association of heat treatment industry, which is not legally binding. The company or the institution of instruction can listen or not listen, the company is happy to go to the meeting, not happy that maybe even the factory gate will not let in. Therefore, it is not possible to save energy and emission reduction in heat treatment industry by means of association or institute. It is necessary to take the lead of the government, the development and reform commission, invest a certain amount of money, add administrative guidance and control, and assist the implementation through the heat treatment industry association and society.

  If there is government administration and economic support, the association and society will take the following measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in enterprises:

  First, the technical personnel of the association and society, the expert goes to the factory to inspect some indicators, reached the index to allow the factory to open, not to stop the shutdowns. As the environmental protection bureau, the factory water after they measure if unqualified impose its acidity, pollutants close, stop production, buy new equipment, has been to the exclusion of waste water reaching targets. The heat treatment industry is reformed, must learn from the environmental protection department, the government forces the order, otherwise would not control.

  Ii. The association and society organize some training courses to introduce the benefits of new products and introduce the benefits of new quenching medium. Or do some of the popular science books, the new equipment, new technology, and so on compared with the old equipment, old technology, new equipment's good technology, new equipment technology in how many years can save much energy, save much money, let them understand now advocate the behavior of these are responsible for future generations.

  3. Strengthen the formulation of the evaluation criteria for heat treatment and production, and establish the standard of energy consumption standards and acceptance standards for heat treatment equipment. It gives us a good theoretical basis for actual production.