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Next year, the development rate of vacuum furnace will return to 15%

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China vacuum furnace industry federation, predicts that the vacuum furnace industry annual production and sales growth will be more than 30% than last year's level has a large drop, but still can increase about 20%, is expected next year for economic operation of the whole industry will be for the sustained and rapid growth of nearly two years to return to 15% of normal speed the development of The Times. Under the guidance of national macro-control, the oil and chemical equipment manufacturing industry is expected to develop rapidly this year and next.

The industry will continue to be "unevenly distributed"

The focus of macro-control is to adjust the structure. In the vacuum furnace industry, some sectors have been affected by cooling, but others have gained opportunities to accelerate development. In particular, there will be "hot" industries such as agricultural machinery, petrochemical general, machine tools, electrical appliances and other industries, while the construction of vacuum furnaces, automobiles and other industries are not yet out of the "cold".

In agricultural machinery industry, as the country support fulfill the policy of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers, agricultural harvest this year, the income of farmers is bullish, especially the countries and provinces and cities to buy farm machinery, special incentives to implement a new" agricultural machinery "will appear. Tractors of large and medium-sized horsepower, especially those with more than 60 horsepower, have been selling well this year. By July, more than 50,000 units have been produced, and the market is still in short supply. Wheat combine harvester since June, as countries buyers issued incentives, rice combine harvester market "hot" situation, all feeding rice combine harvester production sales this year is expected to more than 20000 units, has more than doubled last year. Rice transplanter will also be a new highlight of agricultural machinery