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Photovoltaic industry: a new opportunity for China's semiconductor industry

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  Transistor invented at bell LABS, Shockley et al. 1947, 1958, fairchild company RobertNoyce (Robert noyce) and Texas instruments JackKilby jack gill (than) respectively invention based on the integrated circuit based on silicon and germanium, launched in 1971, Intel 1 kbdram (dynamic random access memory), 1984, Japan launched mbdram 1 and 256 kbsram (static random access memory), in the technique and technology of the integrated circuit of each jump process, cannot leave the semiconductor equipment and materials constantly.

  The support industry is the cornerstone of the integrated circuit and even the electronics industry

  Semiconductor equipment and materials industry has been referred to as the support of integrated circuit industry and integrated circuit industry based on the supporting industry, electronic terminal system based on IC industry, so as the supporting industry of the semiconductor equipment and materials industry is the foundation of the electronics industry.

  In a sense, the manufacturing technology of integrated circuits is mainly in the hands of equipment suppliers and materials suppliers, and they play a key role in the development of integrated circuit manufacturing technology. Without advanced equipment and materials, advanced integrated circuits cannot be produced.

  From the perspective of integrated circuit design, EDA (electronic design automation) tool is also the technical support of the design industry. If there is no EDA design tool, circuit cannot be simulated, integrated circuit cannot be designed, so the EDA is the core of the integrated circuit design, semiconductor equipment and materials is the core of the integrated circuit production technologies and processes.

  In addition, some countries in the world have imposed export controls on China's semiconductor key equipment, and it is not difficult to see the importance of the support industry in the integrated circuit industry.

  The rapid development of the photovoltaic industry brings new opportunities to China's semiconductor industry

  After years of technological breakthrough and accumulation, China's semiconductor industry has developed well. Before such as semiconductors with ion implantation machine, etching machine, diffusion furnace, rapid heat treatment equipment, cleaning machine, glue imaging equipment, used in the process after the scribing machine, laminate machine, etc., material preparation equipment in the single crystal furnace, grinding machine, polishing machine, etc are developing very quickly. Some of the domestic equipment has become increasingly mature, and some of the equipment has been used in the domestic 200mm, 300mm production line. However, there are few domestic devices in the 300mm and 90nm process, let alone into the 45nm process. "no amount of experience" has become a weakness in China's semiconductor industry development.

  The rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry has brought new opportunities to the development of the supporting industry. Because of solar energy equipment and materials than level integrated circuit technology used in the electronic equipment material on the precision requirement is relatively lower, so for China's semiconductor industry support provides the chance of a large amount of production of solar energy equipment and materials, but also brought local equipment and materials company is very good and profitable FaZhanDian point. With this opportunity, China's semiconductor support industry can expand rapidly and form scale. Solar energy, LED (light-emitting diode) and encapsulation testing industry in China develops, to support China semiconductor industry provides a gradient technology, make the enterprise in different technical level to find market FaZhanDian, and accumulated valuable experience in mass production. These mass production experiences, as well as the accumulation of production techniques, management experience and capital, are very beneficial to the development of the integrated circuit industry.

  At present, the development of the global semiconductor industry shows two trends. The first trend is the slowing growth of the global semiconductor industry and declining margins. The second trend is the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry and LED (LED) industries. LuxResearch (market research agency) for solar market, according to the latest forecast global solar sales will be at an average annual growth of 27% in 2007 from $21.2 billion to $2012 in 70.9 billion.