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National integrated circuit investment fund set up key investment chip manufacturing industry

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  The ministry of industry and information technology announced the establishment of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund. Has set up a national integrated circuit IC chip manufacturing industry investment fund will focus on investment, both chip design, assembly, equipment and materials and other industries, the implementation of market-oriented operation, professional management.

  Key investment in chip manufacturing

  According to the announcement: the state integrated circuit industry investment fund adopts the form of corporation system. China, as the initiator of finance and China tobacco, attracts large enterprises, financial institutions and social funds to invest in the establishment of a national integrated circuit industry investment fund.

  The integrated circuit industry is divided into three parts: design, manufacturing and packaging. The ministry of industry and information technology website shows that the fund will take equity investment and other forms, focusing on the integrated circuit chip manufacturing industry, taking into account the industry of chip design, packaging and testing, equipment and materials. It is expected that enterprises such as pudong integrated circuit and chip manufacturing giant, smic international and Shanghai hua honghong will benefit.

  At present, in the field of chip manufacturing, domestic enterprises lag behind overseas enterprises. At present, the main domestic chip manufacturing enterprises also adopt 45 nanometer technology. But the manufacturing process of Intel, TSMC and other companies has begun to enter 16 nanometers. In the industry, the main reason why domestic chip manufacturers lag behind is that the investment is not enough. Learned that the national integrated circuit industry fund after the news of the formal establishment, smic said: "see after the outline, and constantly have to carry out the measures. It also shows that the government's emphasis on the integrated circuit industry, we have confidence for the future development." China core international said.

  Drive the chip industry layout adjustment

  It is understood that the fund will mainly be used in asset acquisition and other fields. At present, more than 90 percent of China's integrated circuit industry is small and medium-sized enterprises, investment funds and national financial policy support, and future industrial mergers or acquisitions will be concentrated.

  Prior to the outline, ziguang, one of the fund's sponsors, had already made two acquisitions, from chip "outsider" to become the largest state-owned chip company. Pudong has also begun to use capital to optimize its industrial layout. Since last year, m&a has promoted the development of the industry as a new development model.

  The personage inside course of study says, from the perspective of the experience of world IC industry development, the government continued policy support is the basis of the integrated circuit industry get fast development, the establishment of industrial investment fund, accelerate to catch up with the world's advanced level of the integrated circuit industry provides a strong support.